Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Message

The 1980's has always been a fascination of mine; from style, to music & the world in general. When I received this decade to do a themed photo shoot for university I was ecstatic. The theme was 1980's eclectic street style which is so broad. However it appeared so obvious to go for the classic Madonna look which I had done before. For this shoot I was inspired by British street style, looking at artists such as Neneh Cherry & the Belle Stars.

As a massive fan of the 80's I felt it was only right to explore what went on & to try & incorporate some of that into my main image. After extensive research I decided to focus on 1980's New York, not only was it a bizarre city with several new things happening I also felt it was a nice contrast to where I got my style inspiration from. I decided to use a Keith Haring painting in my final image as it clearly represents what I was trying to convey. 

Styling/Photography: Ebun Black

MUA: Elea Beall

Model: Dotty Karwacka 

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