Friday, 15 November 2013

A/W 15 Trend Prediction

Invaded Spaces marks a time of change within society, reflecting the gradual decline of presumptuous perceptions towards Native American culture. The headlines have presented several stories involving discrimination and disrespect for indigenous  people raising awareness to the public. Reports of a student fined $1,000 for donning her eagle feather in her graduation cap earlier this year is one of many ironic expositions of the "land of the free". The struggle of reservation life is receiving more media coverage, which introduces this pioneering trend. Invaded Spaces is a fusion between Native American tradition and hip hop culture, working as a reflection of the current emerging music genre native rap. 

Reservations have always been illustrated as a romanticised lifestyle in American popular media with the idea of the inhabitants existing the same way their ancestors did previous to invasion. The idea of simplistic people living in teepees has become a world renowned stereotype of indigenous Americans. However this is an artificial representation of the current goings on across American reservations. These areas are dilapidated and neglected leaving modern natives in a somewhat 'cultural trauma'. Poverty and suppression overwhelms resulting in many turning to crime and gang culture. The lack of opportunity and restrictions combined with gang involvement  has influenced these young men to compose gangsta rap dealing with tough topics. Very similar to the origins of New York rap this Native rap genre is the result of a strive for identity.

For a/w 15 this macro trend will prevail from catwalks to high streets. The body is invaded with fabrics, using oversized silhouettes depicting the original 1980's hip hop trend.Fashionable sportswear envelopes the upper body descending in to elongated straight legged cuts inspired by south eastern American Indian leggings. This inner city look draws prevalent similarities to the innovative afrocentric movement pushed through media by musicians such as Afrika Bambaataa, A Tribe Called Quest, X Clan and many more in the late 1980's and 90's. This trend conjugates both the downtown feel of hip hop and the isolated desert vibe of reservation life creating a mood of liberation, mirroring the lyrics of native rappers.

Invaded Spaces explores the often trivialised culture of Native Americans in a tactful conceptualised form using fabrics and hues of authenticity. Pigmentation's of browns like desert sand and sepia will flourish through garments recapitulating Arizona reservations. The sacred turquoise stone is honourably displayed via colour palettes of blue moon and sky stone combined with golden eagle and mohican red blended with this urban street tribe trend. 

Invaded Spaces defies the misinterpretation of this fruitful culture representing much more than "tribal" without using fringing and feathers. A discrete example of woven and embroidered pieces along with suede fabrics gives a proud paradigm that has never been seen before.

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